comics and snk and goats and comics and art and probably more comics.
Flying. Flying. Flying.

lil character development art dump.

pantyhead cat.

teeny art dump.

"Barrel. Barley.

Stone and stave.

Wind and water.


Kvothe & Bast & Elodin.


Development stuff. I may make a separate blog just for comic art and such.

Highlights from an Organ Trail game. Texas was difficult for Levi.

i was just watching the tsubasa movie from the clamp double feature and had to pause it because the guy on far right during this tense moment made me snort.

just a quickie sketch to kill time. unfortunately, it didn’t kill enough time, haha.

i have like, another stupid idea for a snk comic thing and i want to draw levi sleeping in his chair because that interview thing was just great. hopefully i’ll get some drawing done today!