comics and snk and goats and comics and art and probably more comics.
Flying. Flying. Flying.

Highlights from an Organ Trail game. Texas was difficult for Levi.

i was just watching the tsubasa movie from the clamp double feature and had to pause it because the guy on far right during this tense moment made me snort.

just a quickie sketch to kill time. unfortunately, it didn’t kill enough time, haha.

i have like, another stupid idea for a snk comic thing and i want to draw levi sleeping in his chair because that interview thing was just great. hopefully i’ll get some drawing done today!

Tokyo Ghoul looks pretty neat. I should read that soon.

#i love him

During moments of extreme tension, Jean thinks the big thoughts.

commission piece of an animal crossing style goat.


this was going to be longer, but i drew it months ago and forgot to finish it and thought i would share before i forgot it existed entirely whoops.

so after reading the latest chapter again, i picked up on a few things, such as captain ackerman’s amazing ability to take a gunshot to the everything at close range and then stand back up and grumble about brats and such while someone asks him if he’s finally died.

this means that all three ackermans have extraordinary strength and survivability and must be saiyans or space rangers with amnesia it’s the only thing that makes sense. sorry for spoiling the entire manga.