comics and snk and goats and comics and art and probably more comics.
Flying. Flying. Flying.

Kvothe & Bast & Elodin.


Development stuff. I may make a separate blog just for comic art and such.

Highlights from an Organ Trail game. Texas was difficult for Levi.

i was just watching the tsubasa movie from the clamp double feature and had to pause it because the guy on far right during this tense moment made me snort.

just a quickie sketch to kill time. unfortunately, it didn’t kill enough time, haha.

i have like, another stupid idea for a snk comic thing and i want to draw levi sleeping in his chair because that interview thing was just great. hopefully i’ll get some drawing done today!

Tokyo Ghoul looks pretty neat. I should read that soon.

#i love him

During moments of extreme tension, Jean thinks the big thoughts.

commission piece of an animal crossing style goat.


this was going to be longer, but i drew it months ago and forgot to finish it and thought i would share before i forgot it existed entirely whoops.